Dessert Back


  • Serving 12 Desserts


Egg whites 100 g
Caster sugar 100 g
Icing sugar 100 g
Whipped cream
Whole milk 50 g
Caster sugar 35 g
Gelatin mass 23 g
Mascarpone 50 g
Single cream 430 g
Vanilla pods 2
Raspberry sorbet
Raspberry puree 1 175 g
Water 400 g
Caster sugar 250 g
Atomized glucose 100 g
Dextrose 27 g
Inverted sugar 40 g
Stabilising agent 8 g

Blackcurrant sorbet
Blackcurrant puree 1 000 g
Water 500 g
Caster sugar 260 g
Atomized glucose 60 g
Dextrose 80 g
Inverted sugar 10 g
Stabilising agent 8 g
Whole almonds 50 g
Whole hazelnuts 50 g
Oat flakes 50 g
Honey 50 g
Raspberry & blackcurrant confit
Raspberry puree 150 g
Blackcurrant puree 100 g
Caster sugar 12,5 g
Dextrose 12,5 g
Pectin NH 3,5 g



Whip the egg whites with a third of the caster sugar weight, then 3/4 in
the whipping process, fold in the rest of the casting sugar. Next add the
sifted icing sugar with a maryse. Fill a pastry bag with a 10 mm nozzle.
Make little circles of about 2cm in diameter. On another baking tray,
make little peaks and sprinkle with vanilla powder.
Allow to dry in the oven for 48 hours.
Whipped cream
Bring to the boil the milk, the caster sugar and the split and scraped
vanilla pods, then cover and allow to infuse for 15 minutes. Bring to the
boil again, strain and add the gelatine mass. Pour over the mascarpone
and mix briskly. Lastly, pour over the single cream, then blend. Keep in
the refrigerator until ready to serve.
Raspberry sorbet
Make the sorbet syrup with water and inverted sugar. Heat the water
to +40°C, add 1/3 of all sugars. At +50°C, add the remaining sugar
and the stabilising agent, previously mixed together. Pasteurise at
+85°C while mixing carefully. Cool to +4°C to complete the pasteurisation
cycle. Add the defrosted raspberry puree, blend. Leave
to age for at least 4h. Blend and churn and spread in a frozen gastro
tray. Store at -18°C. Do sorbet rolls with a spoon lightly hollowed and
round. Store the fruit rolls at -18°C.

Blackcurrant sorbet
Make a syrup with the water and the inverted sugar. At 40°C, add
1/3 of the sugar. At 50°C, add the remaining sugar and the stabiliser,
mixed previously. Pasteurise at +85°C. Cool rapidly to 4°C. Add the
blackcurrant puree, blend. Leave to mature for at least 4h. Churn and
spread in a frozen pre-strapped gastronorm tray. Store at -18°C. Make
sorbet rolls using a slightly hollow and rounded spoon. Store the fruit
rolls at -18°C.
Mix all ingredients and dry in the oven at 150°C for 10 to 12 minutes.
Then store in the oven, moisture-protected.
Raspberry and blackcurrant confit
Heat the fruit purees at 45°C. Sprinkle the previously mixed powders
and bring to a boil. Blend to homogenise the mixture. Cool it down in
a tray covered with cling film. The following day, blend again so as to
smooth the confit.
Freeze the plates for few minutes before serving the dessert. Place 3
meringue disks. On each disc, place the sorbet rolls. Poach the whipped
cream balls. Scoop out these balls using a beforehand hot water
warmed Parisian ball cutter. Poach some confit in the hollows. Decorate
with meringue peaks and pieces of granola.