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  • Serving 8 Pieces



Cocoa sweetened paste
Butter 180 g
Flour 270 g
Cocoa powder 30 g
Almond powder 50 g
Fleur de sel 2g
Whole eggs 70 g
Icing sugar 60 g

Chocolate soft biscuit
Whole eggs 125 g
Honey or inverted sugar 35 g
Caster sugar 60 g
Almond powder 35g
Flour T55 60 g
Unsweetened cocoa powder 10 g
Yeast 4 g
Liquid cream (35% fat) 60 g
Butter 40 g
Chocolate 65% 50 g

Creamy kumquat
Kumquat puree 120 g
Sugar 100 g
Butter 100 g
Whole eggs 120 g
Egg yolks 50 g
Gelatine leaf 1

Kumquat mousse
Kumquat puree 500 g
Full liquid cream 500 g
Gelatine 15 g

Kumquat glaze
Kumquat puree 285 g
Water 125 g
Sugar 75 g
Pectine NH 7,5 g
Gelatine Gold 5 g




Cocoa sweetened paste
Combine the butter with all dry ingredients. Add eggs and softly combine to obtain a dough.
Spread at 3 mm between two polyethylene sheets and roll out oval shortbreads with a finger
die-cutting. Bake between 2 silpats at 160°C during 20 minutes, ventilated oven.

Chocolate soft biscuit
Mix eggs, honey (or inverted sugar) and caster sugar. Gradually add the almond powder, flour,
cocoa powder and yeast. Add liquid cream. Add the melted butter-chocolate mix. Pour in
mould and bake at 160°C during 20 minutes, ventilated oven.

Creamy kumquat
Mix the kumquat puree, sugar, whole eggs and egg yolks. Heat the mix, stirring continuously.
Add the diced butter then add the hydrated-dryed-melted gelatin.
Pour the mix on the cooled chocolate biscuit. Freeze and roll out sticks to fit in the finger

Kumquat mousse
Hydrate, dry, melt the gelatin. Heat the kumquat puree and add the gelatin. Whip the liquid
cream until a foamy mixture is obtained and gradually add to the puree/gelatin mix. Pipe in
finger moulds.

Kumquat glaze
Heat the kumquat puree and water. Bring to a boil with sugar and pectine. Add the hydrated
gelatin. Use at 35°C to coat the kumquat fingers.

Assembly & finitions
In finger moulds pipe the kumquat mousse and put the frozen chocolate-creamy kumquat
sticks in.
Smooth the top of the mousse and put at freeze.
Coat with the kumquat glaze (used at 35°C) and place on a cocoa sweetend paste. Decorate
with frozen kumquat halves.