PT Masuya Graha Trikencana sources only the finest products, distributing them to you with nationwide coverage, including big and satellite cities throughout Indonesia. Our facilities are maintained with care according to international standards. Masuya’s distribution center is certified with ISO 22000-2018 certification.


Our facilities are temperature-controlled 24/7 and equipped with processing stations. Integrated with a blast freezer, each station is handled by professional staff with standardized and hygienic procedures.


Our warehouses and fleet of vehicles are designed according to the needs of each type of product we carry. We provide 5 categories of cold room zone within our warehouses:

  1. Dry Room (humidity controlled)
  2. Dry Cool (10 to 20°C)
  3. Chilled (0 to 5°C)
  4. Frozen (-18 to -25°C)
  5. Deep Frozen (-40 to -60°C)

All products are delivered straight to our customers in specialized vehicles (Normal Temperature, Cool Refrigerated, and Two-Chamber System - Frozen & Refrigerated).